All the best World Cup apps for iOS

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The FIFA World Cup starts today, which means we're at the cusp of a month of soccer (sorry, football) madness. We already showed you how to watch the games live on your iPhone or iPad, but if you can't devote time to actually watching the action as it happens, there's a whole bunch of great apps that can keep you up to date with scores, stats, and news from the event.

FIFA Official App

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If you're not super concerned with the minutia of the teams and players, and just want an easy-to-use interface to check on scores, standings, and talk about your favorite teams, the official FIFA app will be a great fit. It's extremely intuitive, letting you browse between the various tournament stages to check game start times, scores, and the hottest news items relating to each team. There's also a social component that scours Twitter for updates that are relevant to you.


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theScore is one of the best all-around sports apps on the App Store, and with a new section just for the World Cup, it's once again a stat hound's dream come true. theScore app is all about numbers, so along with scores and customized alerts, you'll also be able to dive deep into not only team stats, but also the performance of each individual player. You can compare stats between players to an impressive degree, and there's also a rich selection of professionally-written news columns and roundups to keep you on top of the tournament's latest chatter.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

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While the WatchESPN is your home for live streams of the games as they happen, ESPN's dedicated World Cup app is a great alternative if you're all about the numbers. You'll get the features you expect, like score updates on all the games, stats, and tournament standings, but since ESPN is FIFA's broadcast partner, you'll also have access to video highlights pulled directly from the network's coverage. Add customized alerts for your favorite teams and a slick, clean interface, and you've got one of the best World Cup experiences around.

Onefootball Brasil

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The Onefootball Brasil app bills itself as the most comprehensive soccer app available, and it's definitely not joking. You'll get all the updates from the tournament -- including stats on teams and individual players -- but you'll also get a ton of behind-the-scenes content like interviews, player profiles, and even a built-in social network widget with live updates. If you want to know absolutely everything about the World Cup as it happens, look no further.