PlayStation's Adam Boyes points the spotlight on diverse games

Adam Boyes connects developers and publishers to PlayStation, making their appearance on the platform as seamless and as fair as possible. There's an attempt to create equal footing for everyone, which is why it's no longer a surprise to see independent games like No Man's Sky and Abzu getting screen time and drawing applause at Sony's E3 presentation.

"The thing I never want to say is, 'You're going to like this, because gaming is such a personal thing," Boyes told me after Sony's E3 presentation. Though he can cast the PlayStation spotlight on games that need a little boost in prominence, highlighting them through the storefront or PlayStation Plus, Boyes prefers not to beat a drum until people care about games outside their comfort zone. "Our whole idea is just, basically, to show you as many different things - and make the judgement for yourself."