This drone made from chocolate can actually fly

The drone above honestly looks a little shoddy, but there's a good reason for that: when you make parts of a UAV out of chocolate, it's not going to be all that sleek and shiny. No, it's going smell good, and you'll probably find yourself willing it to crash, so you won't feel guilty biting through it. How does one make a working chocodrone, you ask? The video after the break gives you a peek at the process: mainly, it's all about melting chocolate bars and reforming them into parts that can be attached to small unmanned flying vehicles. Take note that the video feels like a marketing stunt for a particular candy brand, but there's no reason you can't use your favorite brand should be inspired to make one. Obviously, your little masterpiece won't be delivering groceries or be doing surveillance work -- after all, it'll probably end up in your stomach in no time.