New emojis let you throw shade with a single symbol

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a smiling, yellow face is probably worth at least 160 characters. If you ever found the current run of emoji a little too stifling, some 250 new ones could be en route to help recreate the rest of your favorite album covers. But don't check your Android or iOS device for shiny turds and other icons just yet, because, as The Verge points out, it's up to those platforms to implement the Unicode Consortium's new symbols on their own. Given Apple's push for more diversity in emoji, that could happen sooner than you think. Just what new glyphs are there, though? Alongside some slightly more aggressive icons, a printer, trackball and "old personal computer" are among the lengthy list over on Emojipedia. You know, technology that teenagers know all about. Once you start seeing the likes of those (and the Vulcan split-finger greeting) popping up in Snapchat and elsewhere on your phone, you'll know who to thank.