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Live on YouTube app lets you stream videos straight from the Sony Xperia Z2

So, you want to go on a trip and be able to livestream your epic adventures to friends at home or even to fans, eh? We're sure you'll find a way to do so, but if you live in one of the countries where the Sony Xperia Z2's available (US folks might have to wait a bit more), you can pick it up and download the Live on YouTube app. As the name implies, the app gives you the power to broadcast to an audience via YouTube, whether it's the whole world or just a select few on private mode. To be able to use it, though, you need to enable the feature on YouTube's features page and you need to have an Xperia Z2 -- while it's an app for Xperia devices in general, it's exclusive to this particular model at the moment. Of course, you'll also need a power source to charge often and a steady internet connection, so don't count on it to keep you company during nighttime treks across the wilderness.