The iPad mini finally gets its own MFi game controller


Wikipad, the company behind the Android gaming tablet of the same name, is tossing its Android exclusivity out the window with the announcement of a new iPad mini game controller accessory. The Wikipad 7, which debuted roughly a year ago, features a slide-on controller peripheral that many consider to be a healthy step up from most touchscreen control options, and now the company is bringing a similar product to iPad mini owners.

Most iOS gamers -- or mobile gamers in general -- are probably not super familiar with Wikipad, as the company's Android tablet never really gained much traction. It suffered a long-delayed launch, multiple redesigns and changes that may have attributed to a general feeling of confusion surrounding what the device was capable of.

With its iPad mini product, the company should hopefully be able to avoid those potholes as Apple has already taken care of the pesky "creating a great tablet" thing. The accessory, which doesn't have a price or release date yet, features a full compliment of face buttons, a d-pad, and two analog sticks, all of which are pretty standard at this point.

According to Slide To Play, the current pre-release models consist of two halves connected by a flexible band that stretches behind the tablet itself, though with Wikipad's habit of redesigning its products after announcing them, that could change.