Apple drops price of Apple TV in Europe and other news for June 18, 2014

Wikipad Gamevice Controller

This afternoon we've got one gadget that keeps the kids fit, one that encourages them to sit and play games and finally, a price drop for the Apple TV. Onward!

  • X-Doria introduces wireless activity and sleep tracker for kids. This is the first product of its type that we've seen directed at kids. This wearable sleep tracker is designed for young ones aged 5 - 13, and designs activity targets to keep them moving. The X-Doria looks like a fun, customizable way to keep kids active and motivated.

  • Apple drops Apple TV price in much of Europe. Been holding out on Apple set top box? Now's your chance, Europe. The company has lowered the device's price from £20 to £79 in the UK, and from €10 to €99 in continental countries.

  • Wikipad announces Gamevice controller for iPad mini. Well, look at this thing! Wikipad has announced an iOS game controller made specifically for the iPad mini. The add-on features forward-facing controls in the form of dual analog sticks, a D-pad and four face buttons. There are additional triggers underneath. Wikipad hopes to ship the Gamevice controller "later this year." Sign up to receive updates.