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BlackBerry is getting Amazon's catalog of 250,000 Android apps

BlackBerry users haven't exactly had an abundance of apps to choose from lately, due in no small part to the once-legendary phone maker's dwindling market share. However, the company just reached an app library deal with Amazon that could give you a reason to hang on to that Q10 or Z30. When BlackBerry 10.3 launches in the fall, it will have access to the Amazon Appstore's catalog of 250,000-plus Android apps -- you'll have little trouble finding Minecraft, Netflix and other big-name titles.

BlackBerry's own app library isn't going away. However, you can't count on the official media stores lasting for much longer; BlackBerry World's music and video sections are shutting down on July 21st. While you'll still have access to your existing purchases, you'll have to look to third-party services for anything new. That's unfortunate if you regularly shop for flicks and tunes from your phone, but the larger Android library might help mitigate the loss.