Daily App: Replay quickly creates video slideshows from your treasured photos


Replay is a photography tool that'll take your images and turn them into impressive slideshow videos that you can share. It's meant to be a fast and fun way to create a watchable summaries of your memorable events.

Replay pulls in images from your camera roll, allowing you to pick and choose which photos you want in your slideshow. Once selected, you can rearrange the photos and add in title slides as you see fit. The app ships with a variety of preset themes that you can apply to your photos in order to jazz them up. The app ships with a few free themes, but the majority of them are paid. You can preview all themes, even those you do not own. Themes are available for purchase individually, in bundles or you can unlock the entire app for US$9.99. This latter option also removes the watermark added to the final video output.


Replay's theme choices run the gamut of old-time movie effects to nouveau transitions and music. Each theme includes a stock music title that can be changed to a track from your own music library. Themes also have a few settings that'll change the duration, format (Square, Cinema, Instagram), and speed of playback. There are enough options to make things interesting, but not too many to be overwhelming.

When you are done editing your video, you can share it on social networks or save it to your camera roll. Replay allows you to select multiple services, making it easy to broadcast your video to different groups of friends. The app also allows you to share your creation with Replay's network of featured videos, which you can view within the app itself under the "Featured" tab.


Replay is a wonderful tool for users who want to create slideshows without editing in a full-fledged video editing app. The app is easy to use, offers a variety of themes and outputs the video to a variety of services.

Replay is available for free from the iOS App Store. In-app purchases cost $0.99 for individual themes, $2.99 for theme bundles, $1.99 for watermark removal and $9.99 to unlock everything. It is compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7.0