Vudu makes it a little easier to buy your TV shows by the episode

If you're really dedicated to a la carte TV, then maybe separating by channel isn't enough and it's time to buy only the shows or episodes of shows you really want. The only problem with that? On some services, if you buy a few episodes and then decide to grab the entire season later, that means paying twice for the same shows, but Vudu has added a fix, which it's pitching directly towards cord-cutters. In addition to the Season Pass that lets users buy shows as they're airing on TV, now there are options for Season Complete and Season Upgrade. Complete means just paying the price for the season, minus the price of the episodes you've already purchased, while Upgrade lets you jump from a low-res standard definition copy to HD (720p) or HDX (1080p) by again just paying the difference in price. The iTunes store added a "Complete My Season" option to its TV store back in 2011, but it still isn't there for stores like Amazon and Google Play. Vudu is available on many more devices than Apple's digital store, so if you're building out your TV library episode by episode and season by season, now there's one more option.