The Daily Grind: Is in-game gambling fun?


Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic released a new update that had, among other things, gambling minigames at an in-game casino. It's not the first MMO to add some sort of sanctioned gambling, although it made me wonder just how much demand there is for this sort of thing.

On one hand, I'm all for adding more function and features to the game world, even if it's mostly cosmetic and fluffy. Or especially if it's cosmetic and fluffy. Immersion can't begin and end with combat; game worlds should feel alive in a multitude of ways. Plus, giving players more options during a game session is always something I can get behind.

On the other hand, if I wanted to gamble online, aren't my needs already met elsewhere? Isn't this a lot of effort for a minigame that will probably get one or two plays from most people before being discarded?

What do you think? Is in-game gambling fun?

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