Aviate's ever-changing Android home screen is now available to everyone

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Aviate's ever-changing Android home screen is now available to everyone

Just several months after it first surfaced, Aviate's self-organizing Android home screen is now available to everyone, with no invitation required. The finished launcher remains focused on presenting just the apps and info you need at the time you need them. You may get news when you're at home in the morning, navigation apps during your commute or restaurant reviews when out at night. It also categorizes apps to help you find them a little sooner, and plugging in your headphones will both show relevant apps as well as online content related to the tracks you're playing.

However, it's clear that Aviate has received more than just new branding since Yahoo took the reins. You can now reach favorite contacts with a swipe up from the home screen, and you can track your sleeping habits. Multiple day-to-day tasks are also just a bit easier; you'll get commute time estimates based on weather, single-step conference calls and alerts for big changes in weather. I've given Aviate a quick spin, and it still isn't going to satisfy power users who want to fine-tune every last aspect of their Android home screen. However, its simplicity and context-savvy presentation are still appealing -- it's easy to use, and saves a bit of time when checking for headlines or trying to find that new camera app. Provided you like that hands-off approach to managing your phone, you can try Aviate for yourself at the source links.

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