GRID Autosport DLC plans include new cars, 'mini-expansions'

GRID Autosport makes its public debut tomorrow, and to celebrate, developer Codemasters offers one final blog entry to discuss the studio's post-launch DLC plans.

While GRID Autosport will debut with 80 cars, Codemasters plans to expand the game's virtual garage via periodic car packs. It's not known how many cars will be included with each pack, but Codemasters has three such DLC additions planned so far.

In lieu of issuing solitary tracks as unique DLC, Codemasters will instead release "mini-expansions." The developer has three of these additions planned, each centered around a particular theme. "The mini-expansions will each include a selection of new locations, some will include new cars and in some cases new game modes entirely," Codemasters said.

The studio has yet to reveal any sort of pricing scheme for its planned DLC, but does note that both the PC and PlayStation 3 iterations of GRID Autosport will offer players the opportunity to pre-purchase the entire slate of additions at a discount via Season Pass.

[Image: Codemasters]