Nobody would bother stealing your iPhone if you had this case

creepy case

There's a lot of talk these days about ways to prevent smartphone theft. The iPhone's kill switch feature seems to be doing a pretty good job of curbing iPhone thefts, and that's definitely a good thing, but I have a feeling this creepy case from Japan might do an even better job. If nothing else, it'll probably scare at least a few would-be crooks away before they even realize what it is.

creepy case

The case is modeled after a giant isopod, and unlike other such cases from Japan, it's designed with a seriously disturbing amount of detail. With almost frighteningly realistic legs, mandibles, and a scale-like external shell, the limited edition case holds your precious iPhone snuggly in place while looking endlessly discomforting.

The creepy crustacean is available for order from Japan, but be warned; it won't be gentle on your wallet. The case, which comes in two colors, is priced at US$80 and $120, depending on which shade of nightmare you prefer.