Watch 168 hours of great games played live, really fast, right here

You can't complete Super Mario 64 in under 10 minutes. Okay, it's technically possible, but you almost assuredly cannot. That's okay! We can't either, but groups like Games Done Quick make it so we can watch the best of the best without any of the hard work. Of course, it's not just Super Mario 64; as the group's name implies, they play all types of games, and they play them quickly. Maybe you've heard of this practice before? It's called "speedrunning," and the result of said practice is, naturally, "speedruns." We're gonna just be straight up here: we heart speedruns. They're the best. And twice each year, Games Done Quick has a week-long blowout where they stream live speedruns of awesome games all day, every day. But why? For charity! This summer, it's Doctors Without Borders.

As such, we're dropping this pin in Engadget for you to watch the stream all week. Lest you forget, we'll remind you daily on social media that the madness is still going. Head below and see for yourself!

Wondering when your favorite game is coming? The schedule is right here, and the stream runs non-stop until June 29th. If the games don't do it for you, the amazing commentary should. And hey, it's for charity you monster!