You can now turn your iPhone into a smell-o-phone

indiegogo ophone

Well, the future is finally here, ladies and gentlemen. Scientists at Harvard have made the smell-o-phone a reality, and they did it using an iPhone and a contraption called the oPhone, a large contraption that mixes various scents to create specific aromas. The oPhone syncs with an iPhone app called oSnap, which lets you tag photo messages with whatever scents tickle your fancy.

On the other end of the message -- which the company calls an "oNote" -- the recipient's oPhone device mixes the necessary scent notes and spews forth the aroma the sender specified. So, imagine getting a photo of a bonfire along with the bouquet of burning wood, or a snapshot of some flowers accompanied by their pleasant essence.

It's certainly a niche gadget, but it's got some seriously futuristic appeal. If you're interested in this strange new communication method, you can pre-order the oPhone hardware via the company's Indiegogo campaign. Of course, if the only smell you're after is bacon, there's already an app for that...

[via Yahoo]