Google Drive for Work now offers unlimited storage for $10 per month, per user

You didn't think we'd go through the whole keynote without a little Google Drive love did you? To celebrate an impressive 190 million Drive users (that's active within the last 30 days), Google has just added a more compelling "Drive for Work" proposition -- unlimited storage for just $10 per month, per user. It's not just the price that's better; there are a few key updates that got some stage time too. One is that users can now encrypt data within Drive. As for creating documents of your own, that's getting more seamless too. In the past, when you worked on a Word document, it would be converted to a Docs file; now it's all handled natively within Google Drive (of which Docs is now part, of course), and a native Word file is only created as and when you need to send it on to users over email, etc. Google even had a "one more thing" moment of its own after the address proper wrapped up -- it confirmed on its Google Drive G+ page that Docs, Sheets and Slides would soon get a makeover to look more like their mobile counterparts. Sundar Pichai made a big noise on stage at I/O about the number of corporations and universities that were going "all Google." Could this be enough for you to go all green in the office, too?