Korg DSN-12 turns your Nintendo handheld into a synthesizer, again

As we've seen before, Korg has a knack for bringing classic synth sounds to the screens of Nintendo's handhelds. Teaming up with Detune once again, the outfit is bringing the tones with the likeness of yet another iconic instrument to those wielding a 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL. The new effort, Korg DSN-12, takes its inspiration from the company's MS-10 analog synth -- one that's fondly remembered for its bass and percussion chops. Here, a dozen monophonic sythesizers can be employed with a smattering of effects alongside a 64-step sequencer. There are multiple interfaces to sort through as well, including sequencer, synth knobs, patch panel, mixer and two oscilloscope sections to make use of Nintendo's dual-screen setup. What's more, thanks the 3DS' three-dimensional abilities, those oscilloscopes are rendered in 3D for even more eye candy. As you might expect, the stylus can be used to wrangle the app that stores up to 64 different sequences to recall later. No word on pricing for the software just yet, but expect it to arrive in September for your sample building pleasure.