This might be the most dangerous iPhone case you can buy

attack on titan iphone case

Novelty iPhone cases are nothing new, but while most are simply weird, this one could get you in some serious trouble. The peculiar design is modeled after an item from the Japanese manga and anime series Attack on Titan, but to your average Joe, it looks like something much more sinister. With a pistol-style grip, metallic coloring, and massive pull-switch, it would probably get plenty attention from anyone who spots it in a crowded public place.

In short, it looks like something that could set off a bomb, which isn't exactly the kind of thing you want to be carrying around with you right now -- or ever, really. The case is currently up for pre-order with a scheduled retail debut in August, and you can pick one up for around US$40, but if you're not prepared to deal with a whole lot of questions from people who spot it, and potentially from law enforcement, it might be the kind of thing you just leave on your shelf as a collector's item.