Banking apps may be getting their own virtual assistants soon

The minds behind Siri's virtual assistant skills are back at it. This time around, SRI International has created Kasisto to boost personalized interactivity inside apps that usually require an actual human to carry out complex activities. Banking and commerce are a prime examples of this sort of task load, and BBVA (the outfit that now owns Simple) has already partnered up. The context-aware tech offers text, touch, and speech with natural language understanding and reasoning built-in, giving interested suitors the ability to pipe in a virtual assistant in a fraction of the time it would take to start from scratch. Plus, they'd be leveraging a tools from the folks who developed Apple's helpful voice. "Our innovative approach to intelligent system design, combined with low-cost deployment, will help banks improve customer service and maximize investment in the mobile channel," notes Kasisto's CEO and co-founder Zor Gorelov. Since the platform was just announced, there's no indication as to when that virtual helping hand will appear in everyday financial apps just yet.