Sony to stream two World Cup matches in 4K at a London cinema

Matt Brian
M. Brian|06.27.14

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Sporting events are often used as a testbed for new broadcast technologies, and this year's World Cup is no different. The BBC is already piloting 4K transmissions (albeit internally) from Brazil, but Sony has dreams of hitting the big screen. The official World Cup sponsor announced today that it's teaming up with Vue Cinemas to deliver a quarter final match and the final in Ultra High Definition (UHD) live via satellite to Westfield's Vue Multiplex, which'll host events on the 4th and 13th of July. Sony says tickets will be limited, by which it probably means the audience will be full of corporate types, but intends to offer a few to some "lucky fans." We've contacted a representative and will share exactly what we know in due course.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the quarter final match is for guests only. However, the final will be opened to the general public, with tickets available from Vue directly.

[Image credit: Daniel Incandela, Flickr]

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