The World Ends With You Solo Remix ends up on Android too

Nearly two years after launching on iOS, the mobile version of The World Ends With You is available now for Android devices - and that's lovely. Meanwhile, a Joystiq editor ponders an alternative reality in which Square Enix releases the had-to-be-titled sequel The World Ends With Wii U. Sigh.

If you missed TWEWY the first time around, let's recap: The original DS RPG hit Japan back in 2007 before heading West a year later. It's set in Tokyo's Shibuya district, where malls, cafes and clubs are infused with a distinct youth culture that's similarly all over the game.

TWEWY stars the anti-social and neckless Neku, who finds himself stuck in a bizarre, metaphysical game of purgatory. Besides the unusual setting and story, the dual-screen, high-octane combat is its own unique beast, while the soundtrack has great J-pop to boot.

The $18/£13 "Solo Remix" retools the DS original's dual-screen combat for single screens, with partner attacks summoned on the same screen. It also features redrawn HD art, while the soundtrack is bolstered by new songs and remixes.

[Image: Square Enix]