These wireless bone-conducting headphones let you listen while you listen

Kickstarter, it's a funny old place. A weird soup of real ingenuity and beermat ideas. Headbones might initially sound like it'll fall in the latter camp, but you'd be wrong. Once you know they're bone conducting headphones, the name reveals its clever twist. Yes, you may have seen bone conducting buds before, but Damson audio (who already makes related products) has added a few neat features that make Headbones worth a look. Headbones (we just like saying it now) are Bluetooth enabled, and have a 3.5mm passthrough, so you can add "wireless" to existing buds too, should you so desire.

A built in microphone means Headbones works as a hands-free for your phone, and it's estimated you can natter/listen for 10 hours per charge. Damson hopes the sporty crew will like these, and bendy ear hooks and an IPX5 water resistant rating means that they should. As you can see from the photo, we got to check a prototype in person, so we know they're real (and they work!). The ingenious part? a special soundproofing technology means Headbones can run at higher volume without irritating audio leak -- happy you, happy people around you. We'll say it one last time: Headbones.