The ACLU and the NSA's ex-director will debate spying on June 30th

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The ACLU and the NSA's ex-director will debate spying on June 30th

If you've wanted the NSA and anti-spying campaigners to sit down and hash things out, you're about to get your wish... well, sort of. MSNBC is holding a surveillance-themed debate between former NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander and ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero on June 30th. When the two sides meet at 10:30AM Eastern that day, they'll argue over whether or not the NSA is making Americans safer; suffice it to say that there are going to be some fierce disagreements.

While we're sure that many would prefer that the NSA's current leader was involved, you'll at least get to play a part. The TV network is not only taking some questions from the audience, but letting it influence the results online; you'll get to vote on where the debate should go, and say who you think is winning. We're expecting a draw, but it should still be interesting to watch one of privacy's biggest advocates square off against one of the NSA's most prominent defenders.

[Image credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Flickr]

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