IBM's Watson supercomputer will help you cook in this new recipe app

Conventional recipe apps are all well and good if you're not sure what to eat in the first place, but what if you're looking to experiment? IBM thinks its Watson supercomputer can offer some advice, so it's teaming up with the editors at Bon Appétit to test Chef Watson, an app that leans on the cognitive machine's food-making skills to spice things up. Rather than make you choose from a small, predefined set of recipes, you set some criteria and let Watson do most of the hard work; it produces 100 meal suggestions based on both the ingredients you've allowed and the cooking styles you'd prefer.

The two companies are just starting to take sign-ups for the Chef Watson test run, and it will take "weeks and months" before the software is available to a wide number of foodies. Provided the app takes off, though, it promises to do more than give you fresh ideas for Wednesday night's dinner. IBM believes that the software could help you become a better cook -- you may discover tasty ingredient combos and preparation techniques that you would never have considered otherwise.

[Image credit: IBM, Flickr]