Vita action game Freedom Wars offers Japanese audio only

The Western version of Freedom Wars features Japanese audio with subtitles in multiple languages, but no English dubs, says Producer Nick Accordino, who also revealed a physical edition of the sci-fi Vita game is "definitely planned" for North America. Sony's also published a new subtitled story trailer, which you'll find below the break.

Freedom Wars is set in a dystopian future where players are born into penal communities called Panopticons and have to fight to earn their freedom. Completing the game's action-RPG, Monster Hunter-like missions helps to reduce your incarceration, but - and it's a but big enough to please Sir Mix-a-Lot - your sentence begins at 1 million years. Bit harsh.

From a gameplay perspective, there is an interesting regional difference to do with the Panopticons. In Japan, where the game just released, there are 47 Panopticons based on the country's real-life 47 prefectures. According to Accordino (possible sitcom?), the West's Freedom Wars features 50 Panopticons based on cities across the globe, and players can choose which one they'd like to be placed in.

You can represent your chosen city in missions across four-player co-op and eight-player versus matches between competing Panopticons. The online side is separate from a single-player mode that Destructoid reports is a sizable-sounding 25 hours in length.

That said, there's still a lot of mystery about what to expect from Freedom Wars, as well as its release date. Sony says it's planned but not guaranteed to hit stateside later this year.

[Image: Sony Computer Entertainment]