#SandbergSays: We're really not sure.

"Meh." It's possible that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was thinking this when speaking at an event in New Delhi. In an interview with NDTV of India, she apologized to users for toying with their emotions in a 2012 experiment. Sandberg went on to admit that the experiment was "poorly communicated." But is she really sorry?

We have our own guesses as to what was running through Sandberg's head during this perfectly timed pic, but we know you can do better. Tweet your own caption at us with the hashtag #SandbergSays and we'll update this post with our favorite picks.

[Image credit: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images]


Billy Steele: "Breakfast burritos? Meh."

Christopher Trout: "Can we just hug it out?"

Edgar Alvarez: "Drop the 'sorry.' Just shrug. It's cleaner."

John Colucci: "I'm taking these people back to dial up."

Jon Fingas: "What, me worry (about scientific ethics)?"

Kris Naudus: "This dress is toying with your emotions right now."

Sean Buckley: [this]

Timothy J. Seppala: "Meanwhile, everyone else is all like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"

Terrence O'Brien: "I farted."