China's scalpers force Oculus to suspend Rift sales

With over 100,000 developer kit sales logged in its docket, it's fair to say interest in the Oculus Rift is high. While we wait for the inevitable release of the consumer model, scalpers in China snapping up developer versions at such a rate that the Facebook-owned company has been forced to suspend sales in the country. According to comments made by an Oculus representative on Reddit, the VR specialist was seeing "extreme reseller purchases," which were presumably sold at an unhealthy markup and took stock away from legitimate developers. While the company's DK2 headset is making its way to buyers, it's considered an in-development version of Rift and isn't intended for consumers.

How bad was the reselling in China? "We were forced to suspend an entire country from purchasing," says this Oculus employee. "I'll let you put two and two together." The good news is that the company is making it a priority to look into an alternative sales process, allowing Chinese developers to create slick VR experiences for the rest of us when the Rift finally gets its public release.