LG's G3 and G Watch are coming to AT&T on July 11th

Sprint and T-Mobile may have been the first big US carriers to announce launch plans for LG's G3 smartphone, but they won't be the first to actually carry it. AT&T has revealed that both the G3 and the Android Wear-based G Watch will reach its stores on July 11th, with online orders beginning on the 8th. In both cases, pricing is par for the course. You'll pay $199 on contract for the G3, or $29 per month in one year's worth of Next installments; the G Watch will cost you $229 up front. The AT&T-native G3 doesn't particularly stand out (unless you really, really like Big Blue's logo), but it may be your best bet if you just have to get a quad HD-capable Android phone as quickly as possible.