Netflix is looking to pay someone to watch Netflix all day

Ploughing through your new favourite series on Netflix is something you probably enjoy doing after a working day, but what if it was your working day? You see, Netflix has a fancy recommendation engine that suggests movies and shows you might like based on your prior viewing habits. To do that successfully, it needs information from a special group of humans that goes beyond the basics like genre and user rating. "Taggers," as they're known, analyse Netflix content and feed the recommendation engine with more specific descriptors if, for example, a film is set in space or a cult classic. In short, these people get paid to watch TV all day, and Netflix is currently hiring a new tagger in the UK. There's obviously a little more to the job than binge-watching House of Cards, but with perks like working from home, flexible hours and a free Netflix subscription, you'd be mad not to throw your hat into the ring.

[Image credit: keirstenmarie/Flickr]