In a parallel universe, BioShock Vita is a tactics game that's real

Ken Levine stoked laments for what could have been when he took to Twitter last night to discuss the now-fabled BioShock Vita game. When asked what he had in mind for his pet project that never got off the ground, the Irrational Games president said, "I was thinking a Final Fantasy Tactics-style thing set in a pre-fall Rapture."

Well, damn.

Speaking as someone who loved the original BioShock, has lost dozens of hours to Final Fantasy Tactics games, and is really in the mood right now for a handheld RPG... damn.

However cemented in reality Levine's idea really was, the BioShock creator underlined the unlikelihood of a BioShock Vita game happening in any form, let alone his.

"2K and Sony couldn't put a deal together last time I checked," Levine tweeted. "They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011. Wish I could do it myself, but lawyers and that. I still love my Vita."

When he announced Irrational's massive trimming down to a staff of just 15, Levine said he was handing over the BioShock universe to 2K - Take-Two later revealed 2K Marin is taking on the series going forward. Prior to that, the last we head on BioShock Vita was a year ago, with development stuck at ground zero "until somebody starts signing the checks."

In reality, the likeliest anyone will get to playing a BioShock game on Vita is streaming a PS4 version of BioShock Infinite. So, is a new-gen edition of last year's game on the way?

"I'm hoping but [it's] not my decision" is the word from Levine.