Xbox One July update brings Achievement tweaks and improved voice control

After almost a month of testing, the July update for Xbox One is here. Committed to a rapid pace of improvements, Microsoft has delivered a number of new features, including a new Snap mode for Achievements, improved voice functionality and the ability to 'Like' your favorite recorded clips through the SmartGlass remote app. The new Achievement tweaks are designed to provide instant feedback while you play games, letting you track your progress and search for online solutions to help you unlock the more difficult challenges. If you've recently invested in a Kinect-less Xbox One, today's update lets pull up the Snap menu with a double-tap of the home button (because you can't issue voice commands without Kinect). That button combination lets switch back and forth between apps too, so you'll now have more control over your multi-tasking flow. With the choice to select a spoken language, your Xbox One can also differentiate between your accent and where you live -- perfect if you're an Englishman in New York struggling to turn your console on.