What to expect at Engadget Live Seattle

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What to expect at Engadget Live Seattle

We're bringing our Engadget Live event series to Seattle's Showbox SODO on Friday, July 18th, 7PM sharp! We also decided that we really enjoy making our readers happy, so effective immediately, all Engadget Live events this year will be free! (If you bought a ticket already, we'll pay it back).

What can you expect at this crazy night of hands-on geekery? We've already announced some of the brands who will join us on July 18th, but there's many more. Vapshot (which was a hit at Engadget Live Austin) will bring its vaporized alcohol technology to Seattle. To be clear -- alcohol will be vaporized -- nothing else.

Ministry of Supply will show off its tech-infused dress clothes that fight sweat, body odor and feel like your favorite sweatpants. You'll also get to go hands-on with Exo Labs' cameras, which connect to any microscope and stream petri dish goodness to an iPad. Corning will show off Fibrance, a flexible fiber optic light source that lets designers add a pop color almost anywhere.

Now that you're as excited as we are (hopefully), don't delay, get your free ticket today! We'll also bring Engadget Live to Boston in August and Los Angeles in October. If you're in New York on November 7th and 8th, join us for our Engadget Expand flagship event, tickets for which you can purchase right here.

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