Engadget took over Austin for a night and here's what happened

Bombs were dropped on our Editor-in-Chief while he innocently drove away in a Jeep. Engadget readers enjoyed alcohol in both vaporized and brewed form. A totally retro retailer crashed the party with its unique helmets. Those are just some of our favorite things that happened last Friday when we took over Austin Music Hall to kick off our Engadget Live series!

Chaotic Moon Studios, who introduced us to "Shark Punch" at SXSW, showed off its two-player experience game, "Death From Above." Our Editor-in-Chief strapped on an Oculus Rift to enter the virtual Jeep as player one, while player two (me!) grabbed an iPad and dropped bombs on him. Ironically, as the social media guy who diffuses bombs on a regular basis, it was I who emerged victorious in the end.

This right here is a Vapshot, a machine that instantly vaporizes alcohol and services it up as a shot or mixed drink. Though the Engadget team was too busy running around greeting fans to partake, the long line to try it out indicated the company earned a ton of new fans.

Re3d showed off its enormous Gigabot 3D printers at the event as well. It won't fit on your desktop, but you'll be able to build items up to 2 feet tall!

Atlas Wearables, Brewbot, Huawei, Optical Cables by Corning, Plum, Snakable, Techjango, TiVo, and Zero Motorcycles filled the Austin Music Hall as well, showing fans what they've been up to. Speaking of electric motorcycles, we're hopeful we didn't break any fire regulations by letting this happen.

If you missed out on Austin, we're already itching to come back, so stay tuned. Next on the list is our Engadget Live event in Seattle on July 18th. After that, we'll head to Boston and Los Angeles to wrap up the series before Engadget Expand takes over New York City!

Zach Honig contributed to this report.