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Super Bowl 2014 ad roundup: '80s stars raid a RadioShack, bears dance with Ellen and more

If you were one of those 110 million who tuned into this year's Super Bowl, you probably have some thoughts on those ads -- ads that cost a whole load of cash. This year, we had the predictable heart-tug from a soda brand, a shirtless Brooklyn Nine-Nine star singing along with the Muppets and a reunion with the boys of Full House over a cup of Greek yogurt. But since this is Engadget, let's start with what we know best: tech.

T-Mobile - #nocontract with Tim Tebow

The former Jets quarterback doesn't have a deal with another NFL team and T-Mobile customers don't need contracts either.

Beats Music - Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen, bears, dancing. Beats Music.

RadioShack - #InWithTheNew

Erik Estrada, Chucky and Alf love RadioShack. Who knew?

GoDaddy - Bodybuilder

If you were expecting to see a supermodel kissing a chubby teenager like last year, we're sorry.

GoPro - Red Bull Stratos

Another reminder of why Felix Baumgartner's space jump was epic.

Sonos - Face Off

Intuit TurboTax - Love Hurts

Microsoft - Empowering

Fox's 24 - Live Another Day

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Transformers 4