ZTE's projector/hotspot hybrid lands in the US with Sprint's help

ZTE's endearingly nutty 1080p projector/mobile hotspot turned a few heads back at CES, and we knew it was coming to the US -- we just didn't know when. You'll soon have a chance to see if those two tastes really do taste great together, though: Sprint will start selling the hardware hybrid (now called the LivePro) on July 11, just in time to power those heated outdoor meetings of your Wes Anderson Appreciation Club. You can connect up to 8 devices to Sprint's Spark LTE network via the LivePro and run your own content through it using an HDMI or Miracast connection, but don't forget -- this thing also runs Android 4.2 and packs a 4-inch touchscreen so you can hog all those movies to yourself too. Feeling more generous than usual? Magnanimously let your friends recharge their ailing phones with the LivePro's 5,000mAh battery and pretty soon they'll agree that Moonrise Kingdom really is better than Rushmore.