Jaguar Land Rover projects driving data directly on the windshield

I've had my on-track exploits overlaid with race telemetry to be viewed after the session, but Jaguar Land Rover is looking to project that info on the windshield while you make laps or cruise the highways. The Virtual Windscreen concept beams hazard, speed and navigation graphics to the driver's view, adding both racing line and braking guidance alongside ghost cars and virtual cones for more performance-oriented activities. What's more, the automaker also has a gesture control system in the works, aiming to limit the amount of physical button pushing.

"We have identified which functions still need to be controlled by physical buttons and which could be controlled by gesture and carefully calibrated motion sensors," said Director of Research and Technology Dr. Wolfgang Epple. "The system is currently being tested on a number of features including sunblinds, rear wipers and satellite navigation maps. It has the potential to be on sale within the next few years." And on top of those two items, researchers are looking into ways of replacing rear view mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. Captured images are shown on a 3D instrument cluster with the help of eye-tracking devices to provide the needed views. Of course, there's no guarantee that any of this will make into your next F-Type coupe or LR4, but you know, fingers crossed.