TiVo's Summer 2014 update makes it even easier to find something to watch

Despite arriving nearly a year after the TiVo Roamio launched, this update looks to be one worth waiting for. To address the age old problem of choosing what to watch, TiVo has two new features that make that much easier. The first is a new third column added to the My Shows view that makes it possible to browse recorded shows by category (movies, kids, sports, etc). You can easily choose which categories are shown -- who watches kids shows anyway? -- and in what order, or revert to your old ways completely (check the demo video embedded after the break to get a feel for how it works). The other new feature is in the same vein, bringing on-demand and web app options to the traditional guide and giving us flashbacks of Windows Media Center's similar option. TiVo Premiere owners will also be very happy with their version of the update since it adds the aforementioned new features but doesn't stop there. As Zatz Not Funny points out, users are reporting much needed speed improvements with an "updated, modern design" that brings it closer to the Roamio experience.

What isn't here yet is the long awaited update allowing Android devices to utilize the roaming feature of the Roamio, so for now iOS continues to be the only platform that can stream content from a TiVo. Owners should feel free to force an connection to TiVo right away, but be aware that like all TiVo updates, this is a phased roll out and not immediately available to everyone.