Light sneaks to Steam, on sale this week

Just a Pixel's simple, stealthy game, Light, is now available on Steam. It is among the first to be published by Worms series developer Team17 in nearly two decades, a feat that Team17 first announced in November.

In Light, Players guide a square icon through a blueprint-like overhead view of a building, hacking doors and terminals while avoiding the line of sight of cameras and guards. The hero of the minimalistic game is a man with no memory who stumbles on the plans of a shadowy organization. Light received the nod for Steam distribution from the Greenlight community in December. The PC, Mac and Linux game is 30 percent off ($9.09) for its introductory week until July 21, at which point it will cost $12.99 (£9.99 / €11.99).

[Image: Team17]