10 ways to control your iPhone with your Apple earbuds

Longtime Apple enthusiasts sometimes forget that the company is still gaining new fans every day. Apple sold 43,719,000 iPhones in the second quarter of 2014 alone. That's a lot of people who may not know all of the capabilities of their devices, let alone how to make the most of the earbuds that come with said device. So if you've always wondered how to control your iPhone with just your Apple earbuds or you know a recent Apple convert, you're in luck.

We're here to help.

The Basics:

Your Apple earbuds have three controls: Volume Up with a + sign, Volume Down with a - sign, and a Center Button in the middle. Even though there are three buttons on your earbuds, almost every single command is controlled via the Center button. The Volume buttons are strictly for controlling sound levels, so congratulations, you've already mastered them. Enjoy a cool drink.

Advanced Earbud Controls or How To Master The Center Button:

Now that you know the basics, let's get down to the nine different ways you can utilize your Center button to control your iPhone. These controls also work on your iPad or iPod.

1. Play or pause media: Press the center button once to pause your song or video. When you're ready to resume playback simply press it again.

2. Skip to the next track/chapter: Quickly press the center button twice to skip forward.

3. Fast-forwarding: To fast-forward, quickly press the center button twice and then hold down.

4. Skip back to the previous track/chapter: To go back to a previous track quickly press the center button three times.

5. Rewinding: You may be noticing a theme with this one. To rewind quickly press the center button three times and then hold down.

6. Answering or ending a phone call: Answering a phone call is like starting or ending a song, simply press the center button once. When you want to hang up press the center button again.

7. Decline incoming calls: Sometimes you don't want to talk to people. Apple understands, so to decline a phone call simply hold down the center button for two seconds and then let go. You'll hear two beeps once you let go to confirm that you successful declined the call.

8. Switch from a current call to an incoming call: If you're talking to someone on the phone with your earbud microphone and another call comes in, you don't have to pull out your device to switch lines. Just press the center button once to put your current call on hold. When you're done, press it again to switch back.

9. Switch to an incoming call while hanging up on your current call: Sometimes you need to switch to an incoming call and hang up your current call simultaneously. Your earbuds have you covered. Just hold down the center button for two seconds and let go. Much like when you decline an incoming call you'll hear two beeps to confirm you've hung up.

10. Use Siri: Maybe while you're listening to your favorite playlist you suddenly need to know where Tom Petty is from or search for upcoming movie showtimes. When you've got your earbuds plugged into your iOS device you can activate Siri by pressing the center button once and holding down. If you'd like to continue a conversation with Siri, just press and hold the center button again whenever you want to talk.

We hope you find these tips useful, whether you're a seasoned Apple pro or just learning the ropes of your first iPhone. Remember, there is power in your earbuds. Seize it for your own purposes.