Grid Autosport rep on controversial DLC: 'It sells'

In an unexpected show of honesty, Codemasters has defended the latest DLC release for Grid Autosport by pointing out that, despite the angry protests of the Internet masses, such additions earn good money.

Yesterday saw the debut of the Grid Autosport "Boost Pack," a $3 DLC item that grants players a permanent 50 percent increase to experience points as well as additional cash. Fan reactions were largely negative, with many wondering why Codemasters would release an item that shortens the effective lifespan of its new racing sim. Ben Walke, the game's community manager, offers a candid response: "Regarding the boost pack we did similar with GRID 2 as a car unlock, we got a bit of flak from that but in all honesty and without any PR bull shit ... it sells," Walke wrote. "There is a silent subset of players that do like that sort of content but whether or not it's here to stay is something the industry is yet to work out."

Walke then denied allegations that Codemasters had made Grid Autosport more of a grind than necessary to drive sales of the Boost Pack. "Under no circumstances did we make the game a grind on purpose (that much I can promise you), in the grand scheme of things it's still relatively easy to progress via single player and online it's not that difficult to earn money."

This controversy comes only months after a similar uproar over the heavily DLC-laden Forza Motorsport 5. Whether you agree with Walke's point or not, he's right about this sort of thing becoming a trend in gaming. If you don't like it, we suggest you not purchase the DLC.

[Image: Codemasters]