Take revenge on infuriating flies with FlyOut for iOS

Flyout for both iPhone and iPad is a free game that's all about killing flies -- many different kinds of very annoying flies. The good news is that you get to kill them with all sorts of wonderful devices. The aim of the game is to kill as many flies as possible, wave by wave, without letting any survive.

Things start off relatively easily with a slow wave of normal flies. You're equipped with a fly swatter to get the business done. However, things rapidly get more challenging with fast, sturdy flies who require multiple zaps and quick strikes. Fortunately, your arsenal improves with a machine gun, rocket launcher, bug spray, and my personal favorite, the say-hello-to-my-little-friend minigun!

Annihilating the pesky flies is quite satisfying. However, there are some annoying ads in the game, which can be zapped by a small, one-off in-app purchase. The game is entirely playable if you don't make the purchase. When first launching the FlyOut it asks for your Facebook and Twitter account information, but you can dismiss that request without consequence.

Regardless, if you've ever been infuriated by a fly, FlyOut will let you serve justice.