Microsoft's Atari doc remains on track despite studio closure

The news that Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios won't have an effect on its Signal to Noise series, the first episode of which focuses on the rise and fall of former gaming giant Atari. Fuel Entertainment's (one of the production houses behind the episode) director of communications Nick Iannitti tells us that everything was still proceeding on schedule despite the closure, and that nothing has changed for his team. Its behind-the-scenes panel about Atari scheduled for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con is still happening, and production for the show is still under way. What's more, he says that he learned of Xbox Entertainment Studios' shuttering at "about" the same time as everyone else. If you couldn't make it to New Mexico earlier this spring, it sounds like you'll still be able to check out the infamous video-game landfill at some point in the future, regardless of Microsoft's new plans.