Newbee wins first place, $5 million in Dota 2 International

Newbee takes home more than $5 million in prize money after defeating ViCi Gaming in The International Dota 2 Grand Finals today. This is part of the largest payout ever in an eSports competition, with a final pool of $10.9 million. Even second place isn't too shabby: ViCi Gaming takes home $1.5 million.

Newbee entered the finals with a 7-8 record, compared with ViCi's 12-3 record. Newbee lost the first of five matches in the Grand Finals, but rallied and won the following three in a row. Both teams hail from China.

Third place, Evil Geniuses, wins $1 million, and fourth place, DK, gets $819,000. See the complete breakdown of winners on the Dota 2 website.

[Image: Valve]