Amazon has a new service for managing payments, named Amazon Wallet

Tried Apple's Passbook and Google's Wallet and not feeling satisfied? Perhaps Amazon's flavor of mobile payment app will strike your fancy. It's also named Wallet, and it arrived in beta form on the Google Play store recently. Like Apple and Google's versions, Amazon Wallet collects your gift cards, loyalty programs, and membership cards in one place -- on your phone -- and pushes them to the cloud. Should you switch from, say, Apple's iPhone to Amazon's Fire phone, all that information would move over with you, tied to your Amazon account.

There's another added benefit with Amazon's service in that your other, far more important financial info is likely already part of Amazon's system and connected to your profile. As a result, when you browse Amazon Wallet through the web, all that extra payment info is all in the same place.

It's not clear when Amazon Wallet is coming out of beta (if ever), but for now, consider yourself a guinea pig if you're jumping in.