Europeans free to buy physical copies of Vita's Freedom Wars

Sony Europe U-turned on its decision to only release Freedom Wars online, and now the Vita action game will be available on European retail shelves. In one of those all too rare cases of publishers listening to consumers, Sony says it gave in to demand for a physical edition. The game's already confirmed to hit retail in North America.

To recap, Freedom Wars isn't a recreation of Braveheart, but a futuristic online multiplayer game in the vein of Vita entries Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden: The Age of Demons. In the game's totalitarian landscape, you play as one of a world of prisoners who are born into million-year sentences. Since a million years is pretty dang long, you'll want to reduce your incarceration by completing missions for your "Panopticon" penal community.

While Freedom Wars' online side offers four-player co-op and eight-player versus matches between Panopticons, Sony says the single-player is a big component too. For some hands-on thoughts check out our E3 preview, otherwise look out for Freedom Wars on both North American and European retail shelves later this year.

[Image: Sony Computer Entertainment]