Twitch Tutorial: Keeping your audio in sync

We do a lot of streaming here on Joystiq these days (, people!), and we're always trying to provide the highest quality we can. To that end, we're trying to get everyone on staff up to speed on the best way to stream console games using the El Gato Game Capture HD, one of the most popular game capture devices, and OBS, a very popular (and very free) piece of software. As much as we love the Game Capture HD, it does feature a small delay that can put your miraculous voice out of sync with the on-screen action.

That just won't do, of course, so we've whipped up a handy tutorial video on how to correct it. Rather than keep this Joystiq training tool to ourselves, we figured we might as well share it with you, all of our beloved readers, watchers and Twitchers.

Keep in mind that this is specific to OBS and the Game Capture HD. If you're looking for basic Twitch setup info, you can point your browser right here.