High-tech headband looks to keep kids from drowning

Some drowning incidents can be easily prevented, and a wearable device wants to keep tabs on submersion time while your kids are at the pool. The iSwimband is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that syncs up with an iOS device to alert you when that little one has been under water for too long. The gadget clips to goggles, swim caps, or can be worn with the included headband for a highly fashionable look. There's a wristworn option too, so you can get pinged when the smallest of tikes (or a non-swimmer) accidentally enters the water. You know, if you have to step away while little Bobby is hanging out poolside, or you lose sight of Susie at the lake. For $99, the sensor, headband, bracelet and mobile app capable of tracking up to eight of the things can be yours via the source link just down below.