Verizon to start throttling data on unlimited LTE plans

Out of the many trappings US carriers have in common, throttling speeds for heavy data users is certainly one of them. So, accordingly, it's not surprising for Verizon to confirm reports that it will soon start slowing things down for more customers. According to Droid Life, Verizon has admitted that, beginning in October, people with an unlimited 4G LTE data plan will see reduced speeds should they fall in the network's top five percent of internet users, among other things. More specifically, this is part of a plan Verizon is calling "Network Optimization," which means throttled speeds for anyone who consumes more than 4.7GB of data per month, is enrolled on an unlimited data plan, has fulfilled a two-year contract but is still with the carrier, and attempts to "use data on a cell site that is experiencing high demand." Chances are most of you won't be affected by this, but it's definitely not good news for others who may be.