Doom comes to this ATM, courtesy Australian hackers

Fiscal convenience takes a backseat to murderous hellbeasts as hackers have added an Automated Teller Machine to the long, long list of devices capable of running id Software's classic first-person shooter Doom.

It seems a team of Australian hackers dismantled the machine and modified its hardware to get Doom up and running with full (if awkward) controls through the standard ATM keypad. The footage above offers a lengthy walkthrough of the process, and even includes discussion of the group's future plans for this hack which include a functional number pad and adding inexplicable support for the ATM's receipt printer.

As our pals at Engadget point out, this hack is relatively trivial given that the ATM already runs on Windows XP, but the effort here deserves no less praise. In our modern day and age, you can't really consider a computing device properly functional until someone's made it run Doom, so just think of this as necessary aftermarket quality assurance.

[Image: Bethesda Softworks]